As colorful as Philadelphia is, its Carthian movement runs the spectrum of philosophies. Its diplomatic persona tote the covenant’s free thinking bent and its penchant for egalitarian power distribution. Only in the Carthian movement will you find the respect you deserve, despite the fact that you may not have been living for a hundred years. And simultaneously, only in the Carthian movement will you find that you have the freedom to ask questions of your ‘elders’, to diverge from their ideologies, and in short, to live your life as you see fit. Sometimes enlightened, sometimes fanatical, and sometimes idealist, and sometimes jaded, the Carthian movement is rather difficult to pigeon-hole, and even more difficult to keep organized.

At one time, very recently, to hear Sophe Peregin speak of it, or Lindra Benadari, you might have thought that the Carthian movement combined the best elements of all the covenants and left the weaknesses behind. Here you could have attended one of the monthly ‘conferences’ in which Carthians debate any number of topics, some scholarly, some practical. This is how they supposedly were making strides in contacting the mages of the city and extending an olive branch over bruised diplomatic ties.


In the here and now, the movement moves dangerously close to Anarchism. Sophe finds herself surrounded by Carthian ideologues she once loved for their outspoken criticism and activism. And she still believes in them, for who else will. But she has lost her youngest progeny to revolution, and it has tempered her love of inclusion. Still she has pulled Rowana, given her a place and the freedom to be liaison between her and the Garou. And in the absence of Castillo, her old Sheriff, she has found Grant Ellison to be Castillo match, physically at least. But it remains to be seen whether these three kindred can focus what’s left of the Carthian movement in Philadelphia.

Those with Carthian Status 1, City Status 2, or a mentor within the Carthian covenant may know more about its chipped and angry constituents, or know a little more about the more ‘colorful’ members of the movement at present. If you have such status or resources, see below for a list of the members:

Sphere of Influence

Total #: 11

The Carthian covenant must be somewhat more focused and strategic in its sphere of influence than the Invictus, since they have not had the time its major competitor has had to establish connections. While the Invictus has been building its mortal power base since Sarah Haversham’s rule 10-15 years ago, the Carthians have only had 6-9 good years of work. Because of this, they rely mainly on the arts and entertainment districts for mortal support. From Old City and the waterfront north of South street, to Chinatown in central Philadelphia, the Carthians have invested tremendous energy into controlling and guiding the growth of restaurants, clubs, galleries, and community centers or smaller businesses. In addition, they have significant pools of allies in local law enforcement and blue-collar populations, either through unions or through foremen and leading personalities in those communities. More reliably, they have influence amongst the many gangs in South and Northeast Philly. In addition, under Grant’s direction, the Carthians have begun exploring opportunities in the Asian immigrant populations, including a notable population of Asian gangs and Asian crime syndicates.

Carthian Dialogies and Meetings
The Philadelphia Carthians meet in two main ways. The first and most common way is known as the Carthian Dialogues. These are conversational and informal gatherings in which the Carthians discuss some matter of importance. Usually Sophe Peregrin presides over these and there are usually two other kindred who guide the discussions, representing at least two sides to an issue.
The other kind of Carthian gathering is simply known as a meeting, and is usually more formal in nature. Meetings are reserved for real business of the covenant. These happen infrequently, since the covenant does not like to create more work than is really necessary to keep their group together and very rarely do rules or regulations need to be discussed. Dialogues still continue to this day, even though Lindra Benadari has strained tensions with her barony in joint leadership with William Blake

Carthian Dialogue Oct 05


The Carthians have never been much for hierarchy, but in Philadelphia they have special need for offices of note. What follows are the bare minimum offices necessary to unify the Philadelphian movement, despite its divergent views:

Sophe Peregrin(Daeva) – Prefect, Acts as diplomatic liaison with other covenants|
Joao Santos de Silva (Ventrue) – Magistrate, Acting judge of disputes and Conference Chair|

Grant Ellison – Sheriff, maintains Vietnamese and Chinese network & assists Prefect|
|Bailiffs – when needed, Pink, Isaiah the 10lb. Hammer

Edee Graden – special affairs (paranormal division)|

Lindra Benadari |(Ventrue)|
Sophe Peregrin (Daeva)|
Grant Ellison |Gangrel|

Sabotage Artists
Schmee (Gangrel, Bruja)|
Viktor Flores (Gangrel)|
Isaiah the 10lb. Hammer |Gangrel|

Carthian Atheists

Cordoan (Daeva, Toreador)|
Fa Jinhai(Daeva)|

Marxist Rebellion
Pink (Daeva)|
Morris |Daeva|

|Marcus (Circle of the Crone)|
Cordoan (Daeva, Toreador)|
Minsuh Eom |Mekhet|


Paranormal Phenomena Investigation
Edee Graden (Nosferatu)|

Rowana Arina O’ren


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