Chantry Meeting October 7th 2009

Held in the Grand Chapter House on the windy evening of October 7th.

- Madame Avery discusses the associative properties of blood. She describes how blood can be used in a variety of ways as an alternative to simply drinking and pushing through the body to accentuate physical attributes or vampiric disciplines. Bathing, potions, smearing, olfactory use. Her presentation covers a lot, giving plenty of theory to work on if you are not aware of such possibilities, but it stops at offering possibilities and general description of processes.

- Kate Winthrop discusses the moon’s effects on bio-chemistry and psychology. She discusses her recent research on lupine physiology because of the timeliness pertaining to recent events in the city. Focus on women and menstrual cycles, werewolf spiritual fulfillment, moon ‘lunacy,’ even a supposed bloodline that is effected by the moon: Los Lobos Muertos.

- Latokrates discusses awakening from torpor – challenges, dangers and some simple measures to avoid them, theories on alleviating the various effects of torpor. As Madame Avery before him, stops short of real instructions for rituals or procedures, but describes the overall effects and possibilities in a way that opens up conversation, not definitive answers.

- Dr. Hechinger presents on torture psychology- the after effects and phobias which might develop through different means. He brings in a live subject who now fears flowers.

Chantry Meeting October 7th 2009

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