Chantry Meeting September 9th 2009

Held in the Grand Chapter House on the crisp Fall evening of September 9th.

- Isandro presents a Seminar titled Evolution of Form. He begins with a brief overview of the evolution chain from animal to human to a vague beyond entity. This is well tread ground and the gathered assembly is split between poorly concealed boredom and patient indulgence of a supplicant. Seemingly oblivious Sand moves on to label the seven physical, mental and spiritual locks that keep kindred ground to their condition but only gives a one word sentence on each. The meat of his presentation deals with movement of the flesh and how it forms the basics of belief in the possibilities of evolution. He discusses the significance of mundane body alterations including tattoos, piercings, amputations, and scarring. Next he speaks to how the Coils, particularly the Coils of Blood and Coils of Flesh are a natural next step in this approach. Lastly Isandro introduces the idea of fleshcrafting and presents its theoretical possibilities stopping short of an admission of his possession of the discipline.

- John Greenville showcases his latest collection of work titled The Boundaries of Self. His chosen medium for this project is wire which he has wound into forms capturing the theme of division, specifically the point where a female human or animal transforms from one being to two through conception and pregnancy. Greenville explains each piece including a few casual references to the live models he autopsied to capture the correct tenor of the work. His presentation comes off wooden and forced where the artist tries to tie his work to traditional Ordo Dracul framework and concepts but it is clear his work is brilliant and is moving him towards new understanding of the condition of flesh. Greenville’s mentor, H.M. Delphin Regina quietly and carefully observes this presentation with an unreadable expression. Once finished John catches Tyler at the edge of the gathered assembly and stops to thank him for the conversation that inspired this project.

- Prester Philip Liakos closes the evening with a discussion of the relevance of the vampiric soul. His tone is perhaps too mild for more than a small audience but his coal black eyes and the frequent gesturing of his long arms draw in the listener. Several minutes into speaking his lecture begins to turn into a group discussion. Liakos fades into the background when the group is fruitfully engaged and interjects himself with a question to steer the group or pinpoint an important thought usually offered up by another. The Prester gets the last word wrapping several of the threads back into his original question. He ends with a challenge to the gathered kindred to examine how to incorporate one’s tortured soul into their work. How to change and evolve without losing the core that makes one unique.

Chantry Meeting September 9th 2009

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