Daeva Clan Members: Total – 16

Lancea Sanctum – 1
Katherine Drexel

Invictus – 5
Viscount Luchesi
Grishend – Luchesi’s 2nd progeny
Baron Ambroise
Tricia Bottoms
Daniel Gagnier

Carthians – 5
Sophe Peregrin – Prefect, Acts as diplomatic liaison with other covenants
Cordoan – Sophe’s 2nd progeny
Pink semi-automatic machine gun
Fa Jinhai (Daeva)
Isiah the 10lb. Hammer

Circle of the Crone – 3
Isobel Galeano – ‘dancer/ broken-hearted maiden’ – Children of Mara – Scarlet Woman
Painting Sister 1 – ‘Diviner’ – Acolytes of the Three Roads – Augurs
Fiona – Head Ritualist of the Twilight of the Gods cult, old Maiden of the Circle

Ordo Dracul – 2
John Greenville
Sola Ina


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