The Shadowy Hand

Helping the FBI

a) First Case: A sex industry which may be responsible for missing persons, young, male. Has the sound of something strange, though, since there are whispers of men who willingly die for the “Spider Queen.” Few leads, but rumors are more frequent lately.

b) Second Case: A sex cult which may have connections to very powerful people. Apparently have parties in the fashion of Eyes Wide Shut, and just as much sway. It’s a worry for the agency since this would obviously undermine a number of political or financial agencies if this cult is truly as connected. It’s also used to acting outside the bounds of the law for its parties (drugs, abuse, illegal sexual acts, etc.)

Suspecting that the sexual photographs he found may be related to the second case, Deep Throat shows them to his friends at the FBI “off the record” and says they have been “recovered” from Harrington Estate. In spite of the lack of evidence, he believes there was truth to the claims of the individuals who accused Harrington of kidnapping. Could he be part of the sex cult?

Ben Warner, one of his stalwart allies in the agency, says “You’re probably right, but I don’t think I can get anywhere near that case. Sam Howells, the assistant director, was laughing about that case for weeks. Ole’ Harrington set up a charity for Christ’s sake. And he donates to mental support agencies. He’s got some clerk attending charities and talks, just to show his interest in taking care of the poor and the homeless. He looks clean as a whistle. On top of that, rumor has it a few of the cops had a “talking to.” One might have been transferred. The other half of the force is in with Harrington. If that ain’t crooked, I don’t know what is. Nobody’s ever that good with the boys in blue unless they’re ex-officers or crooked. Howells doesn’t want us going any where near that mess for a while. If there is something going on, they’re all wise to the attention and they have the money and pull to bury us before we get off the ground. Give me another lead so I can tell Howells I’m not digging up dirt on one of our very own sainted untouchables.”

Ben Warner does some research over the course of three weeks and gives Deep Throat a call back. He says several of the people in the photos have gone missing in the past six months. One’s a ‘pro’(prostitute); her street name was Cindy Cinders. Smokin’ hot. One’s an ex-cop…name of Rosalie Hearny. She’s homeless. Been that way for a year. Some kind of racket a year and a half ago- bad experience on the job. Derailed her. Lost her job. Disappeared. Seen on the street using. Penny Purrs is the last one he could peg. She’s a well-known Fluffer (person who’s responsible for making sure a porn-star’s hard before the shoot). She’s on a number of videos’ credits. Hasn’t really gone missing. Said to work at a club called The Oracle.

Deep Throat investigates The Oracle. No one seems to want to talk about the club, but he’s able to track down four people who have been there. They range from models to business men to family men and women. They don’t seem scared. Instead they are just evasive, as if they’re protecting an important secret and they all think of the secret in the same way. Deep Throat scans their thoughts and it seems as if their minds have been affected by Dominate. All of them spent time traveling around bars and clubs for some time until they had a chance encounter with a man in a blue zoot suit. The man tells all of them to call the number on their card for a one-time chance for a night they’ll never forget. It will fill the gap in their hearts. When they call they must say, “Please sir, can I have some more.” None of them still have their cards. They use the cards as entrance fees. When Deep Throat tries to search their minds for how they got to the club or what the phone call said, he finds their minds scrambled, and the information difficult to decipher. There are a number of what appear to be phony memories in that area created by Dominate.

Corporate Espionage Work

1) United Technologies Corps.: a top company official has an affair with a secretary; violating a number of regulations which would result in hefty fines and loss of rep. More time will be needed to get a nice air-tight case against them and form a nice incriminating portfolio for the official.

2) Steklo: may have contracts with ex-Soviet bloc military organizations; board has variety of more casual relationships with ex-Soviet bloc organizations. Hard proof has been difficult to gather. Proceed with extreme caution.

3) Weide: research appeared to be highly questionable from an ethical perspective, as if this company might be some sort of private sector off-shoot of the FBI. Unwarranted killings. Medical cases with a high body count or violating necessary ethical procedures and safeguards. Unfortunately data encryption and security is very high.

On the first case, Deep Throat finally gets the break he needed. He breaks into United Technologies Corps. and hacks into the desktop PC of the Director of Safety. He leaves with internal communications showing plenty of evidence of violations. The next night he opens the mail and finds a video tape of him in the office, leaving and walking down the hallway (obfuscated), and a different clip of him going to his car (from what looks to be a long-rang camera, so the video quality is grainy). On an index card enclosed is his license plate number- typed. On the back of that index card: we suggest you burn all evidence and that you turn to other business. You have been found in violation of trespassing, corporate espionage, breaking and entering, corporate theft and several other legal violations.

Deep Throat thinks the threats are hollow. The image of him in the videotape is the usual blurred reflection all Kindred manifest – extremely shaky evidence for criminal charges. He makes copies of the evidence and hides it in various locations. Then he uses The Spirit’s Touch on the card he was sent. He sees the card being typed and printed from a computer. It’s then taken by a secretary who seems to have no emotional attachment to it. She’s blonde and moderately attractive and wears no name tag. She moves through a nondescript office, void of most furniture. She puts the card into the folder with the video and takes the folder up. Goes down three flights of stairs in an office building for small companies. It’s night outside. She deposits the folder into a mailbox. Deep Throat catches the street sign by the mailbox. County Line Rd. and Red Lion Rd.

For the second case, Deep Throat discovers that Steklo Equipment has a meeting with an investor with ties to Chechnya, Oleg Chernyenko. It’s to be in a restaurant overlooking Market Street, Dali’s. He cases the joint beforehand and sneaks into the meeting, obfuscated and carrying a small sound recording device.

The meeting is disturbing. There is a Russian guy who looks dead, and shows as dead through auspex, but he’s not vampire. Deep Throat has never seen something like this before but thinks (through occult) that he’s Promethean. He stops the deal midway, leaving plenty of loose ends to pursue (a Russian-Chechnyan mobster’s name, the implication of prior deals, the fact that this is tied to a new Russian mob faction moving in – Chechnyan ties specifically, of course). But it stops short of the kind of definitive evidence necessary to unquestionably bag the company, although this information in itself is enough. Chernyenko looks slowly around before stopping the discussion, lingering over the general area where Deep Throat is obfuscated. He doesn’t seem nervous, exactly, just wary.

The last company, Weide, looks more dangerous than the other two. Its encryption is state-of-the-art. It will require better hacking equipment. Cutting edge FBI material. Without it, one would need to be a mastermind in computers to take away anything useful. The company appears to be related to several other companies in some way. Transactions perhaps. Sharing research perhaps. Allegra Pharmaceuticals and Jones- Klein- Beauchamp.

Political Games

Deep Throat’s company, Platonic, hires a lobbyist and begins working with newly elected Rep. Phillip Castle to obtain federal contracts for Platonic and to insert earmarks into federal spending bills.

He spends a fair amount of time using aura perception and telepathy on Castle and his Chief of Staff, Rich Rothchilds. Deep Throat learns that Rep. Phillip Castle is out to strengthen law enforcement and Philadelphia’s connections to the greater US. He wants to see Philadelphia become the center of commerce and politics it once was over a hundred years ago. He’s tired of seeing the dirty streets and the hopeless people. He’s a winner, and prides himself on his optimism which he says makes his luck for him. He’s too busy for a wife, but women of status adore his winsome smile. His Chief of Staff, Rich Rothchilds, is a thoughtful person with a slightly melancholy disposition. He broods a little, but this serves him well in his position. He delegates well, and devotedly thinks about what Phillip Castle may need to do next or how he might handle a situation in a politically sound way. He enjoys chess and plays politics similarly.

Deep Throat tells them he has a sensitive matter he’d like to discuss. It must be kept strictly confidential.

“Perhaps you heard about the “crazy” accusations against Avery Harrington of kidnapping?” he asks. “I cannot get into the details, but I believe the individuals were telling the truth and Harrington is involved in some sort of human trafficking. Unfortunately, my friends at the FBI tell me that half the Philadelphia P.D. is in with Harrington. The FBI is at present not willing to move against Harrington because of a lack of evidence and his powerful position.

I strongly recommend that you NOT try to “take on” Harrington. Harrington would crush you. The important thing right now is to gain influence and get entrenched in your district. While the FBI is at present unwilling to move against Harrington, that may not always be the case. I strongly advise to steer clear of Avery Harrington and his close associates.”

Rep. Castle and Mr. Rothchilds say they appreciate the information and seem to understand the seriousness of the situation. Deep Throat thanks both men for their work on federal funding for Platonic. Every little bit we can do to make Philadelphia a hub of business and commerce again is a step in the right direction. He says Rep. Castle has a bright future ahead of him.

The Shadowy Hand

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