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The Black Doves

Name Clan Covenant Player
Deep Throat Mekhet Invictus – Loyalists Teri
Tyler Gangrel Ordo Dracul Aaron
Rowana Arina O’ren Gangrel Carthian – Anarch Collective Alison
Isandro Nosferatu Ordo Dracul Jeff
Grant Ellison Gangrel Carthian – Anarch Collective Michael
Elijah Mekhet Ordo Dracul Ian
Solaina Daedra Ordo Dracul Molly

The Setting


  • Baronies – the factions in Philadelphia after Gerald’s fall
  • Clans – the blood affiliations and their culture
  • Covenants – the old factions of kindred politicking, looser, more disorganized now
  • The Brood – structures, beliefs, and practices of this feared group of kindred

Rules of the Game

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT use any art posted on this campaign, as it is NOT ours to distribute, and we only intend to use it for the personal purposes of this chronicle. See citations or tabs for art credit. If I have mistakenly used your art without permission please email me and I will remove it immediately at your request.

Main Page

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